"Treat today like a long weekend .... and relax under our umbrellas"

Hours: Sun-Wed 7 am -5 pm, Thurs-Sat 7am - 8pm

Events 2014

Thursday thru Sunday 6-8pm
  • Thurs. 7th Fig Gig
    (no band at Patio that evening)
    Fri. 8th Danny Millsap Band
    Sat. 9th J.E.R.K.
    Thursday 14th Without A Doubt
    Fri.15th Encanto Nuevo Flamenco
    Sat. 16th Jim Schmidt Jazz 
    Thurs. 21st Guitar Night
    Fri. 22nd Sinatra and Sax
    Sat 23rd Real Jazz
    Thurs. 28th Without a Doubt
    Fri. 29th Jazz Experiment
  • Sat. 30th Jim Schmidt Jazz
4th Guitar Night
5th 3 Guys Playin the blues
6th William Morris band
11th Lisa and Friends
12th Danny Milsap Band
13th Real Jazz
18th Jim Schmidt Jazz
19th Morgan Canyon
20th Encanto
25th Grassfire Bluegrass
26 Danny Miillsap Band
27th Jazz Experiment
2nd Guitar Night
3rd 3Guys Playin the Blues
4th William Morris
9th Lisa and Friends
10th Danny Millsap Band
11th Jim Schmidt Jazz
16th Grass Fire
17th Morgan Canyon
18th Bad Actors (bluegrass and variety)
23rd Morgan Canyon
24th Grass Fire
25th Burr Fry & Giffin jazz
30th Encanto Nuevo Flamenco

Seasonal Favorites

  • Latest menu image Patio's Home-Style Oven-Toasted Oatmeal
    We don't believe in instant! Whole oats cooked to order and lightly toasted in a hot oven. Topped with seasonal berries and served with raisins, brown sugar and milk on the side.
  • Latest menu image Oven-Baked Pancake Beautifully-finished with seasonal berries then dusted with powdered sugar and crushed almonds. (Please allow 20 minutes to bake!)

Meet Our Growers

Smith Family Farms, in Kerman, CA, is growing our own "Patio Patch" of nutritious produce – lettuce, squash, onions, carrots, corn, peppers and melons. Many varieties are planted just for YOU to enjoy at The Patio Café! Working with other local farmers we offer the best tasting and best nutrient-dense fruits all season long!

Page River Bottom Pasture is another great addition to The Patio Café mix! From this farm are the tastiest, organic eggs layed by their own range of pastured chickens. These are featured on our organic break- fast menu and are truly amazing.